UPDATE: Work Out Your Segments and Build a Custom List

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March 13, 2014


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Two weeks ago, we introduced Custom List Builder for device lists. As promised, we?ve expanded the offering to include Custom List Builder for Countries and Apps. Read details below on what we posted previously or visit http://chartboo.st/custom-lists.We're debuting our Custom List Builder, part of a new set of tools that make it simple to create and target custom-built groups of devices, countries, or apps.Custom List Builder allows you to include or exclude certain segments in your campaigns. Want to target group of players that play your other games? Build a Device List. Do you have a specific group of apps that you want to exclude in every campaign? Build an App List. Have your own defined group of Tier 1 countries? Build a Country List.First on tap ? and available now! ? is the Device List Builder.How Does the Device List Builder Work?To get started, head to your account's Device List Builder page. Simply name your device list and upload a CSV of device identifiers (e.g., IFA for iOS or Android ID for Google Play and Amazon) and you?re all set. The new device list is now available for you to apply it to an existing or new campaign. You can run any campaign including or excluding the uploaded device list and apply additional targeting options.

If you?ve been building and editing your device lists through the API, no worries ? the endpoint is still available for you on the API Explorer.

But wait ? there?s more good news: coming soon are App and Country List Builders, enabling easy targeting of specific groups of apps or countries across multiple campaigns. Check back on our blog for updates on when this will be available, but in the meantime, start familiarizing yourself with Custom List Builder today!For a more detailed guide on how to create device lists and apply them to your campaigns, please visit our Help Site.