June CPIs Grow on Google Play & Amazon, Show Mixed Changes on iOS

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July 16, 2014


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CPIs on Chartboost grew a modest amount for both Google Play and Amazon. CPIs for iOS, on the other hand, fell for both the iPhone and iPod while staying the same for iPad. While we?ve seen strong growth in CPIs for iOS devices over the past several months, it?s normal for them to level off in the summer. In that vein, the contraction observed in June wasn?t altogether unexpected.

Average Cost Per Install by Month


  • iPad average CPIs stayed flat with a 0% change
  • iPhone average CPIs fell by 2.7%
  • iPod average CPIs fell greatly by 16.7%

While cost per install on the iPad was flat, the fact that it?s sustained its CPI level speaks to the value that developers place on users of this platform. If you have a healthy base of players on iPad, you may want to consider new publishing campaigns where advertisers are eager to work with you. Otherwise we see a small drop in CPIs for the iPhone, and a more significant drop for the iPod. The list below details the countries that saw the largest iPod drops.

  • New Zealand $1.50 (31% decrease)
  • Portugal $0.79 (28% decrease)
  • Armenia $0.62 (28% to decrease)
  • United Kingdom $1.32 (20% decrease)
  • United States $1.64 (19% decrease)
  • Canada $1.75 (18% decrease)

Google Play CPIGoogle Play average CPIs rose by about 5% to $1.06. The rise was strongest in Hong Kong due to new targeted campaigns on the Chartboost Network. The growth in the United States and Canada wasn?t nearly as strong.

  • Hong Kong $1.61(36% increase)
  • United Kingdom $1.39 (35% increase)
  • Korea $0.85 (33% increase)
  • Macau $1.22 (28% increase)
  • United States $1.32 (3% increase)
  • Canada $1.68 (13% increase)

Amazon CPIAmazon average CPIs didn?t change too much with a rise of 3% to $1.93. Amazon, as the smallest among the three top networks, saw the largest variance in CPIs per country as usual. The highest gains were found in Sweden with a nearly 50% increase in average CPIs.

  • Sweden $1.33 (49% increase)
  • Poland $1.73 (37% increase)
  • Georgia $0.87 (16% increase)
  • United States $1.99 (5% increase)
  • Canada $1.62 ( 7% increase)
  • United Kingdom $1.53 (8% increase)

Chartboost CPI InsightsCheck out the other CPIs for countries you?re targeting to see how competitive your bids are on our Insights Page.The shared CPI figures are averages from our Network and should be used for guidance only.