Gain a Competitive Edge at GDC


February 28, 2015


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San Francisco will be abuzz next week as game developers converge for GDC 2015 (March 2-6). At Chartboost, we?ve been looking forward to this week since, well, last year. We?re excited to talk with you, visit with you, celebrate with you and thank you.As part of our thank you to the mobile game developers who have made Chartboost what it is today, we want to arm you with best practices and data to help you monetize better, acquire players cost effectively, leverage metrics for success and gain a competitive edge.Starting Wednesday (March 4), Chartboost CEO and co-founder Maria Alegre will offer answers to a question we often hear: How can my game make money? There isn?t a simple answer, which is why Maria will give not one or two, but seven tips during her chat, ?7 Mobile Game Monetization Questions to Gain a Competitive Edge (And the Answers Too!).? She will share trends and data that will help you grow the business behind your game.Get more info on Maria?s talk hereOn Thursday (March 5), Chung-Man Tam, Chartboost?s chief product officer, will talk about ?3 Monetization Metrics to Track Every Single Day.? Chung will explain how numbers will boost your business, which ones matter, why they?re important and how to track them.Get more info on Chung?s talk hereOn Friday (March 6), Pepe Agell will close out what we know will be an amazing week by explaining how to gain users (after you?ve monetized and properly tracked your metrics, of course). As Chartboost?s head of International growth, Pepe knows developers and players around the world ? and what makes them tick. His insight on how to gain users without breaking the bank, coupled with the information shared by Maria and Chung in the days before, will provide you with a toolkit to grow your business. Be sure to attend his talk, ?5 Best Practices for Cost-Efficient User Acquisition.?Get more info on Pepe?s talk hereWe?re excited to spend the week together and help you grow your business! If you haven?t already, RSVP and join us for our GDC kick-off party at our offices right up the street from the GDC festivities. We?ll be celebrating a VIP guest ? you!Lyla McInerney?is the VP of Marketing at Chartboost.