How Cookie Cats Pop Increased Click-To-Install by 50%

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January 22, 2018


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Founded on a mission to create quality games with a highly engaged global audience, Tactile Entertainment ? the Danish game developer studio who brought you chart-topping games such as Bee Brilliant, Skyline Skaters, and Disco Ducks ? thrives on building addictive casual puzzle solvers. With the launch of their newest title Cookie Cats Pop, Tactile?s Senior User Acquisition Manager Asger S?rensen leveraged Chartboost?s vertical video to deliver a seamless in-app ad experience at scale. By partnering with Chartboost, Tactile was able to tap into a global audience and significantly boost click-to-install rates for Cookie Cats Pop.

The Challenge: Vertical is the cat?s meow

Before launching campaigns on Chartboost, Tactile relied heavily on traffic generated from Facebook and Google. However, these channels couldn?t deliver the volume that Tactile needed to justify their return on ad spend (ROAS).Recognizing the need to drive a high volume of quality traffic, ?S?rensen?s UA team looked to the Chartboost network to support their massive global launch budget and deliver the most immersive ad experience ? vertical video. Harnessing the power of Chartboost?s global network of engaged gamers, Tactile launched successful, at-scale acquisition campaigns that incorporated vertical creatives for the best-possible ad experience and higher conversion rates.

Cookie Cats Pop Chartboost Vertical Video Increased Click-to-Install via

The Solution: Hiss-terical over creative traffic

Creating a compelling video asset is the most cost-effective way to demonstrate core game features and entice key demographics to install the game. S?rensen used different video assets to highlight a variety of storytelling and character aspects within Cookie Cat Pop, but he also focused on the importance of the video asset?s actual format as well as its content.Vertical video ads ? video creatives that are designed to fit the aspect ratio of a vertically-oriented (or portrait) device, rather than sideways ? use 100% of available screen space on a mobile or tablet device, unlike horizontal video that use only 25% of the screen. Because Cookie Cakes Pop?s gameplay naturally favors vertical alignment, and because users hold their mobile devices vertically 90% of the time, vertical video ads delivered a seamless, streamlined, and less intrusive experience that showcased Cookie Cats Pop in an optimal way, driving higher engagement and conversion.

The Results: Cat?s out of the bag

Thanks to Chartboost, Tactile was not only able to launch acquisition campaigns at scale but also introduce an immersive ad format, increasing click-to-install by 50%. S?rensen notes that their users now find more relevance in these ads due to their targeting and more natural in-game portrait orientation.As for the Chartboost experience, S?rensen says,

?Chartboost?s unique and ?clean? inventory has helped us scale on a number of products. The transparency in reporting and excellent guidance from account managers has helped us in getting a better understanding of the industry as a whole. Chartboost is an important channel and can provide a substantial volume in UA for games.?

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