China Rising: Guide to Growing Mobile Games in China

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November 16, 2016


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There's a new sheriff in town, and its name is China. After decades of dominance, the world's leader in global games revenue has changed hands from the U.S. to China.According to data revealed by the Ministry of China, revenue in China's games sector attained $22 billion in 2015 buoyed by the country's 670 million internet users (almost half the population of China)?370 million of which were playing online games (larger than the U.S. population).Notwithstanding Japan, no other country has risen as fast as China has, from a country that once banned game consoles for over a decade to the most profitable country for games in the world. By 2019, games research and analytics firm Newzoo predicts gaming revenue in China to reach $28.9 billion, with mobile accounting for $13.9 billion.Seeing as more than half the country still yet to become internet users, the opportunity for growth is immeasurable. Now, more than ever, is the golden era of gaming in China.

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China's breakneck growth in the gaming market is no coincidence. In essence, the console ban sparked a chain of events that led to mobile gaming's swift ascension.Internet and gaming giants Tencent (makers of messaging app WeChat and King of Glory), NetEase (creators of Yin and Yang Shi and Fantasy Westward Journey) and other domestic companies are reaping the rewards of China's mobile gaming explosion.In this edition of the Power-Up Report, we go on quest to explore China's mobile gaming dynasty. Through a range of interviews with Yodo1, Zenjoy, Newzoo and more, we decode how mobile game developers can build successful businesses in China. Let this guide be your compass to chasing mobile gaming greatness in China.Here are all of the key findings you'll discover in this complete guide to mobile gaming in China:

  • How China transformed into a mobile gaming dynasty.
  • An in-depth look at the most historic events in the history of mobile gaming in China.
  • The 4 top trends impacting China's mobile game industry.
  • Insights from industry analyst ZHugeEX on the challenge of publishing mobile games in China.
  • The lowdown on what western devs need to know about launching mobile games in China.
  • 4 mobile game M&As in 2016 that are closing the gap between East and West.
  • A close look at copycatting in China's mobile game market.

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