Chartboost University: Presenting our CBU Faculty!

Chartboost University

October 9, 2013


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It's an exciting week for us here at Chartboost. Our highly anticipated indie dev education program, Chartboost University (CBU) officially kicks off on Friday, and today we announce our speaker line-up!

We partnered with some of the best SF-based mobile games studios and orgs to staff our CBU faculty. Special thanks to Supercell, DeNA, TinyCo, GamesBeat, Kuvet, Distimo, Kerosene Games, and LVL6 Games. Check out our official CBU documentation for the list of complete speakers, and read on for a quick preview:

They're Players, Not UsersJoe Wagner, Community at Supercell

Learn how to build a comprehensive community strategy to support a growing player base! This talk will challenge the way you think about your players and provide you with tools and tactics you can take away to improve your community relations.

Into the Wild: Be Prepared for Going LiveRoger Royce, Producer, DeNA

As game development deadlines near, teams often focus exclusively on completing their game, which can lead to other auxiliary oversights that can derail all of the team?s hard work. In this presentation, learn tips and tools for going live with a game release.

Perfecting the PitchDan "Shoe" Hsu, Editor-in-Chief, GamesBeat

The media receives hundreds of pitches a day. How can you make sure your game gets the attention that it deserves? GamesBeat editor-in-chief Dan ?Shoe? Hsu offers insight into what journalists look for and how to make your product stand out.

Sustainable SystemsChelsea Howe, Senior Game Designer, TinyCo

Learn fun phrases like, ?See It, Get It, Need It, Keep It? to understand sustainable game mechanics, complete with examples from successful live games that avoid transparent F2P tropes. Once you have a flourishing ecosystem of players, figure out what monetization model is best for them, and you.

Sustainable SystemsChris Haire, Founder, Kuvet

Flexible architecture, scalable APIs, and fault tolerant systems are the key to building any robust game service. But in the real world you often have time to focus on a single component. This talk will take a pragmatic approach to mobile game service design and where to expend your engineering efforts.

Monetization Methods: Casual to HardcoreAlex Lin, Founder, LVL6 and G6Pay

The app economy is packed with games of all styles and genres. Pick up insights and observations on how different games in the market today are monetizing.

Special guests include Clive Downie, CEO of DeNA, Sarah Fuchs, Head of Culture and Communications at DeNA, and our own Maria Alegre, CEO and Co-Founder of Chartboost.

CBU Fall Session will cover a wide range of topics, including game design, monetization, community management, backend infrastructure, public relations and analytics. Most every lecturer will hold special office hours, where our CBU devs can drop in and ask questions. We also have several talented folks from various local gaming orgs to serve as 1-1 hands-on consultants. The ultimate goal at the end of the 10 day experience is for our CBU devs to feel empowered and armed with the knowledge to build great games.

We will be taping the lectures and sharing CBU content on a special Chartboost website, so every indie developer around the world can learn how to build great games. Stay tuned for more exciting updates :)

If you are a member of the media and would like to sit in on a session, please contact