Chartboost University: 60 Sec Tips for Aspiring Game Artists

Chartboost University

Insights & Best Practices

November 13, 2013


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Today we release the first of several Chartboost University 60 second interviews. As I've mentioned previously, CBU is meant to inspire and teach indie devs around the world how to build great games. We hope these quick, digestible vids will help you achieve your game development goals just a little bit faster.

Kicking off the first 60 seconds is Steve Abeyta, Art Director at DeNA. Steve started his career at Bungie as an Animator, where he worked on?Oni, Halo,?and?Halo 2.?He then went on to lead art direction for a wide range of mobile games, including?Eliminate, We Rule, Quests and Sorcery,?and iOS Top Grossing hit?TRANSFORMERS: Legends. In our chat below, Steve provides tips for artists looking to break into the games industry and shares what he looks for when hiring for his team.

Thanks so much to Steve for volunteering his time to support our CBU developers!