Chartboost Exchange: Reach the Mobile Audience at Scale

Product Updates

July 27, 2017


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As the mobile landscape continues to evolve, we aim to invest where it makes the most impact for our customers. From increasing eCPM for publishers to providing top ROI for advertisers, our goal is always focus on the top performance for you. That?s why we?re very excited to introduce Chartboost Exchange - for the first time our premium mobile gaming inventory is available via our new programmatic exchange.Through our real-time bidding exchange, developers have access to diverse demand in their apps increasing revenue and advertisers have access to global supply in a programmatic way.

High value gaming, in-app inventory

?We believe in transparency and top performance for in-app advertising, which is why Chartboost is such a great fit for our advertisers. Chartboost opening access to new demand is a unique opportunity for quality advertisers to reach quality users that will drive success for both. We?re excited to be one of the first trusted partners to integrate their premium network.??- Rodney Witcher, VP of Business Development, Cross ChannelFor DSPs and their advertisers, Chartboost Exchange provides direct access to over 300,000 mobile games worldwide, with 1 billion active players who engage in over 40 billion monthly game sessions. Through native in-app inventory and innovative ad formats - like interstitial, rewarded, vertical video, and playable ads - the ad experience is always tuned to the mobile user. Creatives are dynamically optimized, in full viewability with high completion rate, and served exactly how it deserves to be seen.Did you know? Mobile gamers on average spend 20 percent more time on their mobile device shopping online than non gamers. Learn more about our mobile gaming audience here and why it should be key in your user acquisition strategy.?Chartboost?s premium audience is just one of many of the exciting things about integrating with its global network.?Our advertisers will be able to leverage the power of programmatic buying using Jampp?s performance marketing platform at an even larger scale with Chartboost?s highly valuable and engaged gaming audience.? -Uri Lichtmann, Supply Partnerships Manager, Jampp

Diversity in demand, increased fill

For publishers on the Chartboost network, more advertiser demand means increased eCPMs with higher fill rates - boosted revenues for you. You?ll see a variety of demand from quality advertisers to bring you higher bids. Real time bidding through our programmatic exchange means access to larger competitive ad budgets that earn you more revenue."Chartboost's new exchange has been a great source of quality users for our developers and mobile marketers. Their team is truly invested in user experience and have provided a great platform for promoting our interactive ad units. We're thrilled with the partnership and look forward to continued success." - Jeff Marshall, CEO, CrossInstall.The best part is you don?t need to do anything - just make sure you?re integrated on the latest Chartboost SDK here. We?ll always serve the most relevant ads for your audience on our ad network and through the Chartboost Exchange.Are you an advertiser interested in joining Chartboost?s programmatic ad exchange? Email