Introducing: Chartboost Playable Ads

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February 23, 2017


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The mobile advertising world is changing. Now more than ever, players expect a level of quality within the ads they are served without disrupting their game play. These ads need to combat the passive view to reach players with genuine interaction. Today we?re excited to introduce an entirely new ad experience built around the player - starting with the Chartboost Playable Ad.This new ad format is more than just a playable ad, it?s an immersive interactive moment within a game where the player chooses their level of engagement. By reaching mobile gamers in their element, the ad becomes seamless and natural.

Built by gamers, for gamers

Chartboost Playables are designed from start to finish with the gamer in mind. Working with game developers from around the world, our team spent months developing, iterating, and testing creatives to build the top performing (and fun!) format of playable ads. Optimized for play, our technology assures the richest quality with quick load times across a range of devices at a ? size of a video creative.

The best part? Chartboost Playable Ads give the best of both worlds to advertisers and publishers.Players get a taste from a mini-game demo of your app before installing, so installs come from already engaged interest. The data is in and it shows that players enjoy this ad format. Campaigns on the Chartboost network are seeing an average of 123%increase in conversion over static with an average of 26.4% increase in D7 retention across all genres.Game developers can now offer the most natural type of interstitial for gamers while maximizing earned revenue. Chartboost publishers are doubling their eCPM without any decrease in retention from those ad interactions.

Product Madness conversions jump 70% with playables

?We want the first experience someone has with a Product Madness game to be instantly engaging and fun. This can be a challenge with static or video - it?s a passive experience. Now with Chartboost?s interactive playable ads, the player gets a taste in under 20 seconds. When they install we already know that they?re engaged.? - Patrick Witham, Director of UA, Product Madness

Product Madness launched a new playable ad campaign with Chartboost earlier this year on iOS and Google Play. They immediately saw higher click through and higher install rates with a targeted audience that was ready to play. The end result, a 70% increase in overall conversion from static. Read the full case study here.

Get ready to optimize for play

It?s time for advertisers to evolve their user acquisition strategy to combat the passive ad and reach an engaged audience at scale. Playable ads are just the first step in creating interactive engagement that is truly natural for mobile games. We believe the future of mobile advertising is interactive and we?re excited to bring it to your games.Chartboost Playable Ads are still in beta - fill out the form below and our team will follow up to get you started.If you?re a publisher looking to increase your revenue and enhance your ad experience, get the latest SDK here.Join us for a special deep dive product session during GDC at the Chartboost Dev House in San Francisco. More details here.In the news