Chartboost in the Top 20 Most Secure Ad Networks


November 17, 2017


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Fraud plays a big role in mobile advertising and, if left undetected, can cause major damage to the mobile industry. Here at Chartboost, we are determined to fight fraud?and are doing whatever it takes to prevent it. We work together with our advertisers, publishers, attribution platforms, and ad platforms in the fight against fraud, and all feedback is being heard. We closely monitor where our traffic comes from, and any fraudulent activity will be stopped immediately.Investing in fraud prevention and the hard work of our awesome anti-fraud team pays off. In the Fraud Index Report, which was released by Singular last week, Chartboost was ranked within the top 20 most secure ad networks. This means that Chartboost is capable of driving both significant volume to marketers while keeping fraud rates well below industry average.We are proud to be in the top 20 most secure ad networks, but at the same time we remorse the fact that fighting fraud has become such an important topic. Nevertheless, we will always continue fighting fraud to ensure a healthy network for our partners and clients.Download the Singular Fraud Index Report ??