Chartboost Grew FishingNets Ad Earnings by 70%


January 14, 2022


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FishingNet is a leading developer of non-gaming apps. With 20 million downloads and 2 million daily active users concentrated in the USA, Brazil and Canada, FishingNets most popular offerings include Hidden Eye - intruder selfie, Calculator photo vault and Calculator - hide photo.


Fill rates and revenue were the priority for FishingNet, particularly in the US, Indian and Brazilian markets. At the same time, the company was faced with the same challenge as many others: a glut of potential partners, each with their own software to install. FishingNet aimed to find a partner with a stable, security-oriented SDK to help reach its performance goals.


Working closely with FishingNet, Chartboost account managers analyzed data from the companys waterfall. The analysis revealed a growth opportunity: multiple line items could be added high in the waterfall, allowing the company to capture more ad revenue.

Our Chartboost account manager was happy to help with eCPM floor adjustment and account level optimization. Working more closely together led directly to increased revenue.

- Kaku , CEO at FishingNet


Between June and December 2021, Chartboost grew FishingNets earnings by 70%, with the US market seeing some of the highest growth. Impressions served also rose by 102%, aided by higher fill rates, especially at high price locations.

Chartboost is one of our top 3 partners for ad monetization. The team always provides excellent service!

- Kaku , CEO at FishingNet