Chartboost DSP overachieves Tactiles ROAS target by 80% on Google Play and 30% on Amazon.


January 21, 2022


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Tactile Games makes some of the worlds most recognizable Casual and Story-Driven puzzle games. Their top title, Lilys Garden, was released in February of 2019 on Google Play and iOS, and has grown to several million downloads. The company also released Penny & Flo recently. Tactile employs more than 200 people in Copenhagen, the United Kingdom and Tenerife.


Lilys Garden had reached maturity among its launch audience. For further growth, Tactile needed to expand its install volume, while meeting its day 7 ROAS goals and maintaining a stable CPI. In addition, the companys marketing team wished to cut down on manual tasks by using automation and programmatic buying.


Tactile and Chartboost chose a multi-pronged approach to finding new players for Lilys Garden.First, to secure new users, Tactile targeted additional tier 1 countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.Second, the Amazon Appstore was added to the list: Chartboost is one of the strongest DSPs on the platform, and Amazon users often perform better than those from Google Play, for a similar or lower CPI.Finally, the Chartboost team worked closely with Tactile to set up automation and optimize campaigns. Chartboost DSP's machine learning models began collecting user signals to find the value of each impression, while Tactile set a maximum CPl and flexible budget limits. These were informed by predicted LTV data and a day 7 ROAS model, which the DSP's machine learning changed adaptively to match the quality of incoming user cohorts.


Chartboost DSP overachieved Lilys Gardens Day 7 ROAS target from March to October by an average of 80% on Google Play and 30% on Amazon. In addition, Tactiles monthly ad spend increased by 2.3 times on Google Play and by two times on Amazon.Based on our good relationships and the excellent performance we deliver, Tactile plans to onboard more titles on Chartboost DSP.

Chartboost is one of our top user acquisition platforms. Applying bids programmatically through Chartboost DSP gives us buying efficiency, and helps achieve excellent long-term ROAS. In addition, the Chartboost team is highly professional and gives us many optimization suggestions.

Eric Tournie, Performance Marketing Manager.