Chartboost delivers 2x the CPM of other networks across Gamejam's portfolio

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September 21, 2020


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Gamejam started in 2018 with the vision to democratize publishing technology for the everyday indie developer. Alongside building out their publishing platform they are also launching their own hyper-casual games as a proof-of-concept.Since the first game launch in early 2019, Gamejam has had more than 10 titles that reached the top 10 charts in several categories. Their games have over 115 million downloads and 4 million daily active users. A few of Gamejam's top titles are Marshmello Music Dance, Toilet Games 3D, and Get the Girl. Their user demographics consist of slightly more female players than male at an average age between 25-44 years old.


Getting a global scale with monetization can be difficult in tier 2 and tier 3 countries. Gamejam has a small team of ten that are launching new games each week to keep up with the competition. Therefore, they also have a high volume of ad placement creation and need trustworthy partners that are fast and responsive to their needs.


Gamejam chose to partner with Chartboost as we were well-positioned in the industry to help Gamejam tackle their monetization challenges. Chartboost offers:

  • A global platform with monetization yield in tier 2 and tier 3 countries
  • Fast and responsive local support as one of the leaders in APAC
  • Optimal yield through monetization consultation and well-designed performance and brand ads

For every game launch, Chartboost has worked closely with Gamejam to ensure a smooth SDK integration and optimized waterfall setup. The setup includes analyzing and identifying the optimal line item across ad formats (interstitials, rewarded, banner) and platforms. Once multiple line item setups are live the Chartboost team continues to optimize yield by securing the highest CPMs in all countries driving global scale and higher revenue for Gamejam.

''Chartboost is always able to handle our massive pipeline of games. We never experience any delays and Chartboost has been a great launch partner in every game since day 0.''- Christian Calderon, CEO, Gamejam


gamejam case study results

Chartboost delivers 2 times the CPM of other networks across Gamejam's entire mobile game portfolio. Looking at Gamejam's top 30 countries for ad revenue since the launch of their first game until now, Chartboost has consistently been a Top 3 global partner on interstitials.

''In addition to the strong developer trust, there is also real monetary value as Chartboost delivers 2x the CPM of other networks across our entire portfolio.''- Christian Calderon, CEO, Gamejam
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