Chartboost Co-Founders Enshrined in Pocket Gamer?s Hall of Fame

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September 19, 2014


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Chartboost?s co-founders Maria Alegre (CEO) and Sean Fannan (CTO) were selected as the most recent inductees for Pocket Gamer?s Hall of Fame. It?s flattering to be named into such an amazing lineup of game industry thought leaders such as Pocket Gems? Ben Liu, Kabam?s Kevin Chou and NimbleBit?s David and Ian Marsh--we consider this a great acknowledgement.We couldn?t accept this recognition without acknowledging and thanking you, our partners. We simply just wouldn?t have been able to build one of the best communities of game developers without you.Maria and Sean may have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, but by no means are we going to rest on our laurels. We?re on a mission to continue improving on the largest revenue platform for mobile games. With the recent release of Chartboost Video, the only video made exclusively for game developers, we?re determined to empower game developers around the world to reach their full potential.Here are some highlights from Maria and Sean?s interviews with Pocket Gamer?s Jon Jordan:When did you realize you wanted to make games as a career??My first job in gaming was at Tapulous, where I realized games could be a business.?However, it wasn't until we started Chartboost and started working with thousands of developers that I became fully aware of the possibilities of mobile gaming and of how innovative and creative all the gaming entrepreneurs we were working with were.? --Maria AlegreTo-date, what are you most proud of? Any regrets??I'm proud of the team we've built at Chartboost and happy when game developers come to talk to me about how much they love working with our awesome Chartboosters.? --Maria Alegre?I'm most proud of the company we've created at Chartboost. It's been an awesome ride.? --Sean FannanIn which area of the industry do you hope to make a difference in future??Mobile gaming is a fresh industry that's still in its infancy, which means there are a lot of different directions it can go.?I hope to play a pivotal role in carving that direction to help drive it into a bigger and more mature ecosystem.? --Sean FannanYou can read the full Q&A here.