Channeling the #WeHeartDevs Spirit


March 25, 2014


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GDC week has come to a close (we hope you?ve recovered!), but the #WeHeartDevs spirit continues to run strong. We?d like to extend a huge thanks to all who attended our #WeHeartDevs party, where we saw developers worldwide come together to share their love for their favorite games and studios. We had a blast making awesome memories with all of you.As we roamed the room to chat with various developers, one question stood out above the rest: "So why the hashtag #WeHeartDevs?" Well, it was born out of a similar spirit that the developer community saw from the Flappy Bird saga, so let me use that as an example. Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, quickly became overwhelmed with pressure from his success, resulting in him removing his own game from the app stores. The game became an overnight sensation, and even though you?d think any game developer would die to be in his shoes, it was just too much for him to handle. So, shortly after Flappy Birds came down, the development community banded together to support him with Flappy Jam, an homage to the game. I mean, Terry Cavanaugh even showcased his support with his own ?Maverick Bird? rendition. Awesome.Boldly etched on the Flappy Jam homepage reads:

Why are we flap... I mean, jamming? indie gamedevs are friendly and supportive, envy and teasing should not belong to our community, nor be a cause of suffering.

I think this sums it up pretty nicely. The game dev industry spans the world, and everyone at Chartboost wants to help bring that community together, to support one another?s creative ideas and empower devs big and small. We live by the mantra, "For the Developer, By the Developer," and we mean it. You can see this in everything we do - from Chartboost Cross Promotion and Direct Deals to Chartboost University - developers can connect, learn best practices or even set-up business deals to run mutually beneficial discovery or monetization campaigns.#WeHeartDevs is a channel for all of us to have an ongoing dialogue to connect and support each other globally. So join the conversation on FB and Twitter and build relationships with developers in the industry. Who you connect with today, might just inspire you to build the next great game of tomorrow...