CBC London Recap: Empowering Local Developers with Mobile Game UA Tips and Tricks


January 21, 2015


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The London mobile game development community converged on The Shooting Star for Chartboost Connect (CBC) London last week.After chowing down on pies and knocking back a couple cask ales, the packed crowd turned their attention toward my talk on mobile game user acquisition tips. In particular, here?s what my conversation focused on:

  • ASO: I kicked off my talk explaining what App Store Optimization (ASO) is. I broke down the important components to optimize for in a mobile game?s app store landing page to increase visibility in app store search results, including app name, app icon, app screenshots, app ratings and reviews, app description and app keywords.
  • Virality: Creativity isn?t dead, long live guerilla marketing! There?s still plenty of affordable marketing strategies to boost your mobile game?s virality. Nothing beats an old-fashioned party. Host a launch party, inviting friends, family and loved ones. Simply require for entry that they give your mobile game a rating and review.
  • Retention: Calculating user lifetime value (LTV) for a mobile game may seem like rocket science to some. Focusing on the ?lifetime? portion of LTV leads us to retention. I covered methods to increase retention thus improving your mobile game?s LTV.

Tips for Acquiring Quality Users from Chartboost

Check out my full presentation above or at the Chartboost SlideShare page. Missed Chartboost Connect London, but want to hang out with us to discuss the latest trends and best practices in mobile game monetization and user acquisition? You?re in luck, as we?re coming to a city near you! Head here for all the details on the Chartboost Roadshow, our tour across the US to help you take your mobile game business to the next level.