Category & iOS Device Model Targeting Now Available!

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April 16, 2014


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We are expanding our targeting controls for both publishers and advertisers to help further refine your campaigns to target the players that are most important to you.


Category Targeting


First up, you can now target all your Network campaigns by category. The ?App Filtering? tab has transformed to ?Advanced Targeting? where you can set up your campaigns to target or block one or more categories.


We also added Category Filtering to our Audience Size Indicator to show how including or excluding a specific app category impacts the estimated reach of your advertising campaigns.


To check it out, start creating a Network campaign, select any iOS or Google Play app (Amazon not included), and click on ?Advanced Targeting."



iOS Device Model Targeting


Second, you can now target iOS devices, by series or model, across all campaigns.


Whether you want to target all series of iPads or just iPad Air and iPad Mini 2nd Gen, you can fine tune your campaigns based on specific iOS models.



Tip: If you have a list of specific devices to target, utilize our Device List Builder!


If you have any questions on the new targeting features, feel free to e-mail us at and whether you are preparing to release a new game or updating an existing one, be sure to integrate our latest and greatest SDK - iOS 4.2&Android 4.0.0.