Casual Game Advertiser Captures High-Quality Users on the Amazon Platform

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July 7, 2022


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Big Cake Apps is an international mobile casual game developer and publisher with more than 100 employees. Since 2010, it has accumulated more than 150 million app downloads and the love of players around the world. Its ethos is based on self-development and publishing to create superior casual game experiences.


Big Cake App monetizes most of its games through in-app advertising (IAA). To enhance its efforts, the advertiser wanted to tap into new avenues for user acquisition (UA).


While the Apple App Store and Google Play represent the majority of the mobile games market, the Amazon App Store offers a unique opportunity to acquire high-value users against less competition. As one of a small number of ad networks that serves the Amazon App Store, Chartboost offers the programmatic buying solution and unlock the full potential of the Amazon platform.


By tapping into Amazon's high value Tier 1 country player base in the US, Canada and Germany and leveraging Chartboost DSP machine learning and managed services, Big Cake Apps was able to achieve a retention rate 1.5 times higher than it was getting on iOS and Google Play by predicting the probability of user installs and post-install events such as ad views.

By coupling higher-quality user acquisition (UA) with full, consistent monitoring by the Chartboost account management team in which CPI, budget and creative are constantly adjusted based on return on ad spend (ROAS) performance, Big Cake Apps was able to extract exciting results. From January to June 2022, the advertiser published 14 apps on the Amazon App Store which resulted in a 6x increase in monthly spend.

"The process of opening an account and publishing apps on the Amazon App Store is very simple," says Leo Yao, Director of New Channels at Big Cake Apps. "Its user group is very closely aligned with our target casual player, and user retention and in-app purchase rates are excellent as well. In 10 years of partnership, Chartboost has always provided us with high-quality, efficient services. It is a powerful partner for user growth, and our business has benefited greatly."