Can Non-Games Apps Use Chartboost?

Product Updates

July 30, 2018


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Since 2011, Chartboost has been a leading platform for indie game devs and top brands alike to monetize their games, and we?re proud to be a global community of so many diverse and entertaining titles.But what about non-games that want to join the Chartboost network? Currently, we only allow publishers who have game titles; however, if your app is not a game, Chartboost can still help you reach up to 900 million users per month and grow your mobile business!Start An Advertising Campaign

It?s easy to advertise your app on the Chartboost network. Creating a campaign takes mere minutes, and you have total control over which ads are seen by whom.

  • Click +CAMPAIGN at the bottom left of your dashboard.
  • Select Network Advertising.
  • Name your advertising campaign, select a supported ad creative type ? static, video, animated GIF, or playable ? and then choose which of your apps you will be advertising in this campaign. Learn more about ad creative types.
  • Go to Campaign Targeting and enter a name for your first target.
  • By default, your target will include all countries, all device types, all players, etc. Customize your target towards specific players, countries, apps, and more. Learn more about campaign targeting.
  • You can also use Advanced Settings to schedule your campaign, filter out specific apps or companies, target specific device lists, and more. Learn more about advanced settings.
  • Enter your bid and budget. Daily budgets under $500 are often exhausted very quickly or even exceeded. Learn how to avoid going over budget.
  • Use Chartboost Insights to view global CPI reports and make smarter bidding decisions.
  • Click Upload Creatives. Drag and drop your ad creatives into the Upload New Creative Set window.
  • Click Save when you are ready to launch your campaign.
  • Our team will review your campaign. Campaigns take 24 to 48 hours to be approved.
  • Use the Chartboost dashboard to view campaign performance and make data-driven adjustment.
  • Check out our advertising tips & best practices for more ways to make your campaign awesome.