Big News: Our Partnership with Sequoia Capital


January 8, 2013


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Dear Developers,2013 is going to be an amazing year and we want to start it off with some really exciting news - we?ve raised $19 million and are partnering with Sequoia Capital!What we?ve all achieved in the last 12 months is incredible and you?ve been a huge part of this. Together, we?ve built the #1 games network in the industry, reaching more than 300 million monthly active devices and powering six billion game sessions per month.It?s about the CommunityWe built Chartboost to empower you to succeed and our growth would not be possible without our awesome community. You gave us your trust and helped us build our company; we hope we?ve made you proud so far and we are excited about the road ahead.Powering the Mobile Game EconomyWe chose to address one very strong pain point to get started: app discovery. Before founding Chartboost we were frustrated by the lack of transparency and control available to us as game developers ? we could only see some of our data and couldn?t collaborate directly with other developers.Two years later, we?ve built a large, transparent and collaborative network spanning 12,000 games. This is the single most powerful asset that a mobile gaming company can use to build their business ? because it harmoniously introduces the right players to the right games at the right time. We see Chartboost as the mobile gaming highway, connecting cities, enabling commerce.

Sequoia, and what this means for youAs you probably know, Sequoia is one of the leading VCs in Silicon Valley. Over the past 40 years they?ve partnered with iconic companies ranging from Apple, Atari and EA all the way to recent innovators like Airbnb, Dropbox, Square and Unity. Jim Goetz, who is joining our board, was also on the board of Admob, the leader in the first generation of mobile advertising companies.We are the second generation ? we see the world through new eyes with a different perspective. You?ve all seen that in how we value transparency, control and user experience in products like the Direct Deals Marketplace.Today?s news means that Chartboost is here to stay, here to build a powerful and long-lasting partnership with you, here to drive the industry into the future and here to make everyone more successful. We have some top-secret plans for 2013 and we can?t wait to share them with you.To make these plans a reality, we need help. We?ve moved into a shiny new office in downtown San Francisco (the paint is still wet on our new ping pong table) and we?re hiring. A lot. Come join the fun!We look forward to building a bigger and better future, 2013 here we come!Best,Sean and Maria