Backflip Increases ROI With Chartboost Mobile Game Video Ads

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September 29, 2015


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The StoryIn 2009, the pioneers of Backflip Studios ventured out into the wild of mobile with the goal of creating free casual mobile games that the entire family will enjoy. Fast forward to today and Backflip has generated over 340 million downloads globally from a portfolio of 40 games across iOS, Google Play and Amazon. The Boulder, Colo.-based studio?s biggest hits include Paper Toss, NinJump and DragonVale.


The ProblemBackflip had no idea that it would put a torch to the Apple App Store top grossing charts with the release of DragonVale in September 2011. Nearly four years after hatching on iOS, DragonVale continues to breathe fire into its high position on the top grossing charts via constant content updates. But in the evolving mobile gaming market, remaining a chart-topper is no trivial matter.Along with the quality and virality of a mobile game, paid user acquisition is a key ingredient for furthering growth. Since partnering with Chartboost, Backflip has successfully conducted large-scale interstitial campaigns for DragonVale that reaped high quality players with positive ROI.The game maker, however, sought to scale and diversify UA operations for DragonVale with engaging mobile video ads that would make the title?s dragon-collecting gameplay come to life. Accordingly, Backflip wanted a partner with a self-service dashboard that would allow for fine-tuning of video ad campaigns through multiple targeting options. Also, the studio was looking for the flexibility to set up direct deals for free with its highest-yielding video ad publishers to maximize campaign ROI.


The SolutionBackflip didn?t have to look further than its current relationship with Chartboost to tell DragonVale?s story with immersive mobile video ads that reached its core audience. Through the same lightweight Chartboost SDK already integrated in DragonVale, Backflip began testing mobile video advertising campaigns. Initially, Backflip produced its own video creative to test Chartboost?s platform?witnessing an immediate impact in user quality.When Backflip ratcheted up its video campaigns with its assortment of compelling video creatives that exuded DragonVale?s magical gameplay, Chartboost?s powerful platform effortlessly managed the increase in volume with ease. And through Chartboost?s self-service dashboard, Backflip was able to optimize its campaigns down to the publishing app level to magnify ROI. Furthermore, Backflip connected directly with its top publishers through Chartboost?s Direct Deals Marketplace, driving new, highly engaged players straight to DragonVale.

?Chartboost?s mobile video ads perfectly showcased DragonVale?s gameplay, resulting in increases across ARPU, retention and ROI. We spend more money on user acquisition with Chartboost than any other provider.?-Kevin KingMarketing Manager, Backflip Studios

Chartboost?s mobile video ads improved Backflip?s performance metrics across the board, including ARPU, retention and ROI. Now, the studio allocates 75 percent of its UA budget toward mobile video ads. In total, Backflip has spent more UA dollars with Chartboost than other UA provider. Backflip looks forward to its continued relationship with Chartboost now and when it looks to push DragonVale for Android as well as other titles in 2016 and beyond.