Atlanta and Chicago meetup recap: Campaigning for Mobile Game Success


February 11, 2015


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After a whirlwind tour of the US, we finally wrapped the second half of our Chartboost Roadshow in Atlanta and Chicago! Combined with the tremendous success of San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston, it was an awesome wrap up of our 5-city US roadshow.

Let's get this party started! We're about to kickoff our Chicago Roadshow event. #GameDev Chartboost (@Chartboost) February 7, 2015
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There's a huge range of experience among mobile game developers in Atlanta and Chicago: we had attendees ranging from budding indie devs, students, prominent studios, and new converts from web development. This meant a terrific range of questions and experience in the realms of mobile advertising, monetization, and game design that folks could draw from. We spent a ton of time talking about the best locations for mobile ads and how to prioritize your mobile advertising campaigns to maximize your ad publishing earnings.

2 ads per user per game with @chartboost #gamedev? Sam (@Samsun96) February 6, 2015
Put an ad after your user wins something so they're in the mood to download an another app #smart #gamedev @Chartboost? Elaine Liu (@elainekliu) February 7, 2015
The best place to show an ad !? Game over page, game begin page pause menu !! @Chartboost #gameDev? EPN Apps (C.Bailey) (@EPN_Apps) February 7, 2015

? On the technical side, it was important to talk about process of mediating Chartboost ads with other networks, the typical metrics to expect from mobile ad performance, and other options for optimizing your mobile advertising campaigns. Sometimes this meant juggling cross promotion, direct deals, and network campaigns. Other times, it was a matter of filtering out low CPI campaigns or running more mobile video ads to increase your eCPM.

@Chartboost also has filtering! Which include bundle version, age, device id, country, device model the list goes on and on!! #GameDev? EPN Apps (C.Bailey) (@EPN_Apps) February 7, 2015
#gamedev @chartboost 10% of users click ads, 4% of those, actually install an app? BigTopApps (@BigTopApps) February 6, 2015

? If you missed the meetup (or last week's post) and want to check out our content laden presentation, look no further than below for a guide to maximizing your mobile game publishing campaigns:?

Campaigning for Success - A Monetization & Advertising Primer from Chartboost

We owe a huge "thank you" to our Atlanta mobile game developers for braving the traffic, and Chicago mobile game developers for braving the cold and coming out to our Meetups. The mobile developer community in both of those cities was incredible and poised to launch some awesome games. We'll have plenty of insights on mobile game marketing and monetization, delicious libations, and awesome swag next time, so be sure to stop by!

Got a free t-shirt from @Chartboost !! #GameDev #Chicago EPN Apps (C.Bailey) (@EPN_Apps) February 7, 2015