Are You Game?


May 16, 2013


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Dear Developers,

We are looking for teams interested in participating in a closed Beta program for our upcoming product to be released soon. Beta testers will have exclusive early access to our product, exclusive support from our product and engineering teams and contribute invaluable feedback to help shape our product. We will be selecting twenty-five (25) developers to test and provide feedback on our products.


If you meet the following criteria, please submit the form from the link below:

  • Have a game (FREE or PAID) live in the iOS App Store
  • Available for download in the US
  • Integrate our Beta SDK and code into your selected title(s)
  • Completed by June 3rd to be live in the iOS App Store by June 15th
  • Ass Kicking Attitude to make things better

Beta Test Application Form

Thank you for your interest!- David