Android SDK Version 3.1 Beta is Available Now!


November 17, 2012


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We?ve just released a beta of the newest version of our Android SDK, version 3.1. It?s the biggest, most feature-packed update we?ve ever put together, but please do keep in mind that this is a beta. We don’t recommend you submit your game to Google Play or Amazon until we’ve released a final version.

Click below to download and keep reading to get a taste of a few of the sweet bells and whistles we?ve included for your testing pleasure. If you run into issues and have feedback, please e-mail us at


New Features:

  • SDK is now an Interface instead of a Class
  • New native interstitials: faster, less memory
  • New native More-Apps page: faster, less memory, less network activity
  • Multi-orientation support
  • New API and delegate methods
  • Improved overall performance
  • Lots more…

For more details, check out the full change log situated comfortably inside the SDK zip file.