An Amazing Weekend of Gaming


October 1, 2013


min read

After a full weekend of jamming to create a game surrounding our theme of the 339th Flight Test Squadron (selected randomly via Wikipedia), the first SF Indie Game Jam has come to a close. With over 20 teams completing games for the final presentation, we were overwhelmed by the creativity and skill that we saw! the end of the jam, all of the participants voted on crowd favorites for categories like "Most Innovative", "Audio Excellence" and "Most Team Spirit". Check out the category winners after the jump!Best Use of Theme: Scaling the Sky, DrunkenAirplaneMechanik, Assault DragonOutside the Box Theme Usage: Desert Hike EXMost Innovative: Game of HornsTechnical Excellence: Game of HornsAudio Excellence: Space RepairmanVisual Excellence: Scaling the SkyGameplay Excellence: Space RepairmanNarrative Excellence: Desert Hike EXMost Team Spirit: Game of HornsBiggest Scope Malfunction: Top_Dragun, A Dragon Named CoalMost Likely To Get Kickstarted: Scrambled SkiesAudience Choice: Space Repairman, Scaling the SkyA huge thanks and congratulations to all teams that attended! We're looking forward to the next jam. Keep calm and hack on!