Amazon Joins January CPI Insights

Insights & Best Practices

February 11, 2014


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We?re back with our Monthly Insights. What?s new? We split what was previously presented as Android data into Google Play and Amazon, and included iPod data to provide further granularity of CPI bids in our Network.

Average bids increased on Google Play and across all devices on iOS. The bids were higher in the first half of January which suggests that advertisers sustained (or even increased) bids from the holiday season into the new year.On Google Play, 9 out of top 10 countries with the highest bids had higher average bids than the month prior, contributing to an overall 7% climb. On iOS, iPod and iPhone, CPIs reached a 3-month high at $1.49 and $1.66, respectively. Amazon CPIs slipped month-over-month to bid levels similar to Google Play.To see additional CPI figures with more country details, check out our Insights Page.As always, the shared CPI figures are averages from our Network and should be used for guidance only. If you have any questions or suggestions on future insights, please e-mail