AdTech Resources That We Enjoy (and now you can too)


November 2, 2018


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One of the company values at Chartboost is Learn & Grow. We love to listen and read about the latest trends in AdTech, especially monetization, programmatic advertising, and mobile games. An?unquestionable smart person said this about learning:

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage

Jack Welch

With that said, here is a list of resources from various people at Chartboost that they read daily:Pepe Agell, Chief Strategy Officer

Raymond Morales, Senior Account Executive, Programmatic

Julius Ramirez, SVP of Partnerships

Geoff Heeren, Senior Manager, Software Engineering

Fiona Ferrier, VP of Business Development, Americas & APAC

  • AdExchanger, Business Insider, and competitor blog posts (we won?t mention those ? ; you know who you are ? ? ... feel free to click the link to find out).

Maria Alegre, Co-Founder

  • I tried to think about a book to recommend and realized that any ad tech book would be obsolete the day it went to print. But ad tech is about innovation, about adapting to change and about great execution. So there is a book that I?ve found inspiring in that area and that I?ve read several times and bought many more to give away, and it?s The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. ?

Kele Song, Product Manager

David Maret,?Director of Business, Europe

What are your favorite AdTech resources (websites, blogs, books, podcasts)? Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with #adtechresources! We would love to hear from you and will add your resources to the list here with an official mention of you. Thanks! ?Here are additional resources from our Twitter/LinkedIn followers:

Happy reading and listening this weekend! ?