How 6waves Doubled Its Ad Campaign ROI in 2 Weeks with Post-Install Analytics

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May 22, 2015


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The Story

In 2008, 6waves set out to build a game studio with a unique international perspective and aptitude for fostering strong relationships with game developers all across the world. Today, the Hong Kong-headquartered company is a leading mobile game publisher, helping mobile game developers reach millions of players through their over 150-country-strong game network.

The Problem

Profitably acquiring high quality players in the thriving mobile gaming market is no easy task. 6waves, however, has successfully--and profitably--navigated the mobile game user acquisition landscape up to now. But to stoke the flames of paid user acquisition in today?s competitive app economy, 6waves strove to improve the process of identifying quality users.

6waves Magic Wonderland

For its popular casino title Slots - Magic Wonderland (iOS, Google Play and Amazon), the studio aimed to find more users who make in-app purchases (IAP) over time at unprecedented scale. 6waves sought a technology that would collect session and IAP events, directly from its servers, down to the publishing app level. But in order to see the big picture, 6waves also wanted a solution that would bridge the gap between ad spend and purchase events. With this kind of end-to-end visibility, 6waves could focus its optimization efforts on user quality and ROI.

The Solution

Chartboost Post-Install Analytics (PIA) immediately solved 6waves? business needs. Soon after sending purchase events to Chartboost via S2S for Slots - Magic Wonderland, the studio was able to make data-informed decisions--quickly and easily. Chartboost PIA provided the technology to find quality players at scale by marrying 6waves? IAP events with its advertising campaign data.

"Chartboost Post-Install Analytics connects the dots between mobile ad spend and in-app purchase events, which allows us to quickly and easily optimize our campaigns based on user quality and ROI. After integrating PIA, we doubled the ROI of our user acquisition campaigns in just two weeks."

-Rex Ng,?President & co-founder, 6waves

6waves optimized its Slots - Magic Wonderland advertising campaigns based on user quality and ROI, doubling ROI in just two weeks. 6waves achieved these results by identifying the publishers that delivered the highest quality users. 6waves entered into direct deals with its most lucrative publishers, while filtering out publishers with low ROI via Chartboost?s seamless dashboard. 6waves? relationship with Chartboost has resulted in sustainable performance as the studio grew its user base globally, maintaining the high ROI for months. The results spoke for themselves as 6waves integrated PIA across its entire games portfolio.