50% of CookApps Ad Revenue on Amazon is from Chartboost


April 13, 2021


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CookApps is a leading social gaming studio based in Seongnam, a city near Seoul, South Korea. The 150-person company is behind the popular games Candy Blast, Cookie Crush Classic, and Jungle Gem Blast.

CookApps strategy on Amazon Appstore

For developers focused on users in North America and who are already launching apps on Google Play, the Amazon Appstore is a cant-miss opportunity since its essentially the same build as for Android. For CookApps, Amazon Appstore is a key ad monetization channel, so they always launch apps on Android and Amazon simultaneously.To date, CookApps has published over 30 of its games on Amazon where theyve seen the biggest success among Match-3 Puzzle games. On Amazon, CookApps reach 40,000 daily active users with more than half of the users being in the US.

On the Amazon Appstore, we strive to provide a game that users will not get tired of playing for a long time, and we recommend live service for at least 3 years.

Hyeongmin Kim, Business Manager, CookApps


Ad monetization on Amazon Appstore can be challenging since there arent many ad networks with enough demand to support the platform. CookApps were evaluating new ad networks that supported ad monetization on Amazon Appstore to improve fill rate and ad revenue.


CookApps was at the time already monetizing its games on Android with Chartboost. It made getting started on Amazon Appstore with Chartboost very easy as most aspects are nearly identical, including technical integration and monetization setup. CookApps went live with all of their Amazon Apps with Chartboost in June 2020, with multiple line items on both rewarded and interstitial ads.

When setting waterfall line items, it was helpful to get recommendations from the Chartboost team for the appropriate price point and fill rates.

Hyeongmin Kim, Business Manager, CookApps


Today, Chartboost contributes more than 50% of CookApps revenue on Amazon Appstore with high fill and competitive CPMs. Chartboost ranks as a top partner for ad monetization on Amazon Appstore.

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