5 User Acquisition Tips from Casino Games

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May 24, 2018


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Your app may be a veritable masterpiece, but without users, it?s dead in the water. As one of the leading global platforms for mobile user acquisition, Chartboost continually observes how different brands advertise effectively to new audiences, and we?ve put together some great UA tips from an unlikely source: casino games. Use this knowledge we?ve gleaned from casino games to gain ? and retain ? high-quality, loyal customers on the Chartboost network.

? Use interactive creatives that show gameplay

Don?t just look at it ? play it! Immersive ads like playables[link] are an excellent way to let users test-drive your app and introduce your brand.Casino games usually let players spin a wheel or hit the slots, either rewarding players with in-game currency or employing a strategic loss that entices users to download the game and get their chips back. Ads with vivid action and intuitive gameplay leverage all the capabilities of touchscreen smartphones, making the ad experience more dynamic and enjoyable, leading naturally to higher conversion rates.Check out our previous blog on playables and other in-app formats that users love to tap!

? Swap out your creatives regularly

Fine-tuned user acquisition campaigns usually target smaller audience pools, so creatives go stale very quickly. After all, showing an ad too often will actually have a negative impact on your brand. Casino games will make a concentrated effort to refresh their creatives often, each creative set showcasing a new skin, new game, new reward, or a new character.Once you notice your creatives? performance stalling, immediately give them a refresh. We?ve noticed advertisers updating their creatives once a month, or when they see campaigns stagnate.Chartboost also recommends launching 4 to 6 separate creatives per campaign, with a maximum of 8. This gives you enough data to decide how to optimize your creatives for the next wave.Check out our tips for making awesome creatives!

? Target your audience more effectively

Casino games will naturally target players interested in casino games; they will also want to optimize even further and target slots specifically. This type of targeting is easily done on your Chartboost dashboard. Log in to easily target your acquisition campaigns by genre, geo, gender, and more! Check out all your targeting options here.

? Try out the Player Group Targeting feature

Want to target an already highly-engaged audience in the most relevant categories for your app? Chartboost lets you use Player Group Targeting. Target new groups of highly-engaged players in different categories to find your best audience, maximize user retention, and increase ROI.As with any campaigns, you need to test and iterate. A highly-targeted campaign may work initially, though after a few days you may want to broaden your targeting again for more traction.

? Tweak your CPI

To keep your campaigns gaining traction, we recommend that you adjust your CPI bids. The quickest way to remedy low ROI is by dropping your bids by $0.50. You might initially see a lower volume, but over time ROI will climb.Check out Chartboost Insights to see current bid amounts on our global network per country or game category.