5 Tips to Boost Your Ad Monetization This Summer



June 27, 2019


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The summer is here (in the northern hemisphere). Temperatures are rising and kids are out of school. The long days, the free time and the vacation trips create the perfect environment for the traffic of your mobile game to surge. At Chartboost we are in a mission of empowering every mobile app developer to build a successful business. That?s why our team has gathered the 5 top ad monetization strategies to take advantage of the summer traffic with Chartboost.

1. Multiple-line items

Make sure that you have multiple line items setup and give Chartboost the opportunity to fill your inventory at different price points. We?d suggest having high, middle and low for line items in one location so we are able to fill with the highest bid as well as average and low bid to increase fill rate. Chartboost supports the following mediation partners for multiple-line items; admob, mopub, ironsource as well as proprietary mediation. Learn more about multiple-line items on this blog post.

2. Time to update to the latest SDK

Before the summer break, make sure that your apps have the latest versions of our SDKs. This will guarantee the best ad rendering experience for your users, privacy compliance and will give you access to all sorts of advertising campaigns (programmatic and not programmatic).

3. Enable all demand sources and creative types

Chartboost has a very diversified demand which includes direct network advertisers, programmatic advertisers, buyers from other DSPs and media sources. A lot of them are buying on RTB (real-time bidding), which increases CPMs on the most valuable audiences, thus make sure you don?t miss that by over-blocking advertisers or creative types. We are always optimizing creatives to deliver the highest yield to the publisher while reaching the advertiser goals. Blocking ad types will limit fill rate and therefore limit overall revenue.?

4. Rewarded videos are great for the summer

Don?t get us wrong, rewarded placements are very lucrative throughout the entire year. However, during this season when users have more time to play, providing rewards increase retention and engagement, prolonging the lifespan of your users.

5. Our team is here to help

While you may be taking some time off to enjoy the warm weather, we make sure that we are always available for you. We have lots of tools and features available to help publishers scale, but they are not panaceas. If you have a summer goal in mind, feel free to contact our team. We are excited to work with you to achieve success!Happy summer!?