5 Game-Changing Reasons to Go Interactive [Slides]

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February 8, 2018


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Move Over Video, Mobile is Going All-In on Playables

Many companies, especially in the gaming category, already started experimenting with interactive ads in 2017 and we are convinced that this ad format will become main stream in the next 12 months. The world of the "one-click wonder" is over.? Marketers know that in order to capture users? attention and drive conversions, they need to think beyond clicks and start thinking about acquiring users with purchasing powers.With interactive advertising, brand and performance marketers have the opportunity to guide their users through an entire app experience, all without needing to install the app.

Increase Conversions and Installs

Drive more conversions & installs Interactive ads see 3x the conversion rate compared to normal video ads. Why? Because the ads are immersive and actually enjoyable to play / test drive; advertisers have the chance to capture an audience with their core message in an instance (and keep them interested?) By getting users actively involved in the advertising experience, you create a much greater impression.

Driving Meaningful Engagement

Drive Meaningful Engagement Interactive ads use 100% of the available screen space to not only showcase products but deliver compelling messages, encouraging users to take an action and view the affect in real-time. According to an IPG Media Lab report, interactive ads extend the amount of time consumers spend with the brand, driving a 47% lift in time spent with the ad versus non-interactive ads. The study also uncovered interactive video ad engagement is tied to purchase intent that?s 9x higher than passively viewing a video ad.

In-App Interactive Ads 101

Johan Lofstrom, GM of Chartboost EMEA, took to the PG Connects London stage to share everything you need to know to launch your interactive creative strategy now. First, we?ll cover the most innovative interactive formats (advanced playables, interactive videos, interactive end cards, and more) that will dramatically enhance the user ad experience in 2018 and beyond.Second, we'll tackle design tricks to unleash the full power of this ad unit. While there are some performance and size constraints, there are a number of tactics you can use to get the most mileage from your creative sets. For example, identifying key moments of gameplay to ensure you're delivering an immersive in-app ad (and engaging the right audience for long-term returns).Because marketers should always take an ROI-first approach, we?ll analyze the data that is available optimize performance as well as better understand user behavior. Interactive ads are 100% trackable, personalized, and prioritize users first.Check out the slideshow to learn: 1. Why are interactive ads the ?next best thing since sliced bread? in mobile2. Top performing interactive in-app ad formats3. How interactive ads can increase your IPM by 80% and eCPM by 50%4. How to get up and running with interactive in-app ads today[slideshare id=87503775&doc=5game-changingreasonstogointeractive-180208101825]Want more tips and tricks to launch high performing creatives? Sign up below for our monthly newsletter and get the latest best practices right to your inbox!

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