3 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Game Monetization Right Now


January 15, 2015


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Over some pizza and a couple pints of beer, our European team hosted the local mobile game development community at our Amsterdam office last Thursday--empowering them to increase their mobile game monetization opportunities. Below you?ll find three tips to improve your mobile game monetization right now that our European team shared last week. Whether you?re an indie or a leading publisher, these tips will assist you in accelerating your mobile game business.[embed width="650"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKb4H9UcFmk[/embed]Tip 1: Make Money with Rewarded VideoStart making money right this moment! With Rewarded Video, you can increase revenue by running a publishing campaign in your mobile game. Rather than only making money if a player installs an advertiser?s game, which is the case for a CPI-based static or video interstitial publishing campaign, you generate revenue when a player simply watches a video.If a player doesn?t want to watch a video ad, they can easily close it. Your players are 100% in control, which reduces player dissatisfaction. They can decide if they want to watch a video or not. When a player completes the video, they?re rewarded with in-game currency, items or something else, and you?re rewarded with money--it?s a win-win for everyone.Tip 2: Work Directly with Another Game Developer, Keeping 100% of the RevenueThe European team then shared how Direct Deals allows you to work directly with another mobile game developer, cutting out the middle middleman, and best of all, keeping 100% of the revenue. And did you know that anyone can make Direct Deals in Chartboost? While membership to the Direct Deals Marketplace has some requirements, in reality, any developer can set up Direct Deals with other developers.All you have to do is email our support team, telling them that you want to make a Direct Deal campaign with a particular developer. Once approved, you?re ready to create a publishing or advertising campaign with a developer of your choosing.Tip 3: Drive Traffic for Free With Cross PromotionOne tool everyone can be using to drive traffic to their games for free is with Cross Promotion. By leveraging the power of your own network, you can inform your community of players in one game about a different game of yours--thus growing your new game as fast as possible. The European team also noted that if a player already has your new game installed, they?ll automatically be excluded from your Cross Promotion campaign.What if you only have one game? You can still utilize our Cross Promotion tool by re-engaging with your existing players. For instance, you can add a fake game in Chartboost to use for sending messages to players via static interstitials in your real game. With the power of deep links, you can showcase in-game promotions for in-app purchase content, send general messages such as reminding players to update to the latest version and more. If you plan to use this trick, just let us know that you?ve added a fake game to your account and we?ll happily activate it.We're Here to HelpDon?t be afraid to ask us for help! If you ever find yourself stuck, then contact us immediately. More likely than not, there?s probably something we can do to help. We have a support team at Chartboost, dedicated to helping you every step of the way with any integration, optimization or support inquiries. You can find answers to most of your questions at our help site, or you can reach our support team here.