Announcing 3 New Tools to Empower Mobile Game Developers with Data

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May 21, 2015


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As game developers know well, the mobile advertising market is changing ? and growing ? at lightning speed. New business opportunities crop up almost every day in this complex ecosystem, and at Chartboost we know a fragmented industry only makes it harder for you to navigate the possibilities.But what you may not know is that, as part of our global community, you?re part of an almost peerless network. Among the top 500 games on the US free charts on both Apple and Android, Chartboost?s SDK has been integrated more than any competitor ? second only to Apple and Google in the Apple Store and Google Play, respectively. And we?re leading the way when it comes to the most lucrative monetization methods: Of the 200,000+ mobile games in our network, 25 percent now show video ads (and we saw a skyrocketing 77 percent growth in video in April).In short, that?s a lot of powerful data.

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Our mission is always to serve and empower our mobile game developer community to build successful businesses. Today, we?re excited to announce a few new products ? as well as partnerships with key players in our space ? to help you make sense of all of this data. We strongly believe that, together, we can bring significantly more value to mobile game developers everywhere.Starting today, you can add the following products to your toolkit:

1. Server to Server (S2S) Tracking: A new campaign type that accepts third-party attribution data

As advertisers, you?re facing an increasingly multifaceted user acquisition landscape ? and many of you have told us you need a coherent way to track installs across all your media partners. We want to make it easier for you to run your own campaigns using your own definition of installs. Our solution is S2S Tracking.This new campaign type is optimized towards a target Cost Per Install (CPI) using third-party attribution data. These third-party attribution platforms provide the necessary tools to apply last-click attribution and have a consistent claim window across channels. We?ve built new endpoints to accept this data in a secure way ? and we are happy to announce that Tune, Adjust, Kochava and Appsflyer are now integrated partners.What?s more, advertisers can go live with S2S Tracking in minutes. You?ll just need to set up click callbacks on Chartboost and create session and install postbacks on your attribution dashboard.

"Thanks to S2S Tracking, we can run scalable user acquisition campaigns at a reliable ROI with Chartboost. With their new solution we are able to optimize our campaigns and reach the best possible results."

- Boris Wasmuth,?Founder & CMO, GameDuell

Learn more about how to get started with S2S Tracking.

2. Post-Install Analytics (PIA): Get the most from your data

Successful game developers have become truly adept at maximizing the use of their first-party data to optimize gameplay. But as customer acquisition costs rise, it's essential for you to tap into data to make intelligent, real-time decisions about where to spend your budgets.With the debut of Post-Install Analytics (PIA), advertisers and publishers who share their data with Chartboost will make even more informed decisions about how to acquire and monetize your audiences. We?ve built the technology to receive session and purchase events, directly from developers or through third parties, to generate the most critical metrics to the business of mobile games.?Chartboost Post-Install Analytics has been instrumental in optimizing our campaigns by gaining actionable insights into player engagement and in-app purchase behavior,? says Rex Ng, President, 6waves. ?With PIA, we've been able to double the ROI of our player acquisition campaigns.?Here?s what it means for you:PIA for advertisersSoon, you?ll be able to pull new optimization reports that track key quality metrics (such as retention, ARPU, payer conversion) at a creative, campaign target and publishing app level. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus your efforts on the most profitable sources.PIA for publishersIn today?s competitive market, you must also leverage your own data to better know your audiences and maximize revenues. With the data collected through PIA, Chartboost can create user segments that will be used for segmenting publishing and cross-promotion campaigns with another tool: Publisher Segmentation. As PIA gives you a clear look at crucial monetization metrics, Publisher Segmentation will then empower you to create campaigns around these numbers. Important segmentations range broadly, from most recent player log-in or download, revenue from a given user over a day, week or month, to average amount per purchase. Having this data at your fingertips will allow publishers to target the types of users they find most valuable.Contact your account manager to get started with PIA.

3. Mediation Support: For publishers seeking to increase revenue

For advertising supported games, we know that the larger you get, the harder it is to manage and optimize your inventory. Mediation layers help create a waterfall across your chosen advertising networks to guarantee fill and maximize revenues.

"Crossy Road is excited that Chartboost is supporting mediation with Heyzap. This integration allows us to leverage Chartboost?s industry-leading cross promotion, direct deals marketplace and games-only network for interstitial or video to maximize Crossy Road's revenue."

- Matt Hall, co-founder of Hipster Whale

In an effort to make it easier for developers to include the value of Chartboost in your existing waterfall, we?re now working with the three most popular mediation partners: Fyber, Heyzap, MoPub. Integration for Fyber and Heyzap are available right now, with MoPub integration coming shortly."Fyber's mediation product allows us to effectively manage and optimize all of our demand sources in one place," said Drew Kirchhoff, Product Development at Yodo1. "We're excited that Fyber's partnership with Chartboost, who has also been a partner of Yodo1, will allow us to work with yet another strong demand source through Fyber's platform."Learn more about how to get started with mediation.Notice a theme here? We?re committed to unlocking the power of data. For everyone. And, as always, we?ll continue working to provide you with more choice and control when it comes to building a successful mobile games business.