12 Advanced Tips for Promoting and Monetizing Your Mobile Game


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February 27, 2015


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It?s time to take the guesswork out of mobile game user acquisition and monetization. So that?s why we?re arming you with 12 advanced tips for promoting and monetizing your mobile game in the February 2015 Chartboost Power-Up Report.Download the Free Report


Also in this month?s Power-Up Report, we?re introducing the Chartboost Special Report. In this new portion of the Power-Up Report, we take a deep dive into the hottest areas of mobile gaming, honing in on specific countries, regions or categories that are driving the mobile game industry forward. For our first deep dive, we analyzed one of the largest mobile gaming markets in the world, Japan. Check out the deep dive to learn about game session, impression and ad revenue trends in Japan.Check out this exhaustive 17-page report to learn advanced tips about:

  • Which Countries Are Growing the Fastest?
  • Where are People Playing Mobile Games the Most?
  • What are the CPIs in Different Countries?
  • Which Game Categories Are the Most Popular?
  • When Do People Play Mobile Games the Most?
  • What Is the Top OS in Each Region?
  • Which Versions of iOS Are the Most Competitive?
  • Which Google Play OS Versions Generate the Most Money?
  • Which Google Play Devices Drive the Most Ad Revenue?
  • What Are the CPIs in Japan for Different Game Genres?
  • Which Platform Is Most Popular for Different Game Genres in Japan?
  • What Is the Top OS in Japan?
  • PLUS a downloadable spreadsheet with OS share breakdowns by country that you can use to optimize your mobile game campaigns.

Get your hands on the latest Power-Up Report by clicking the download button below, and start putting these 12 advanced tips for promoting and monetizing your mobile game to work today!Download the Free Report